About The Show

You are going to have a blast with Norm Shaw Master Hypnotist, a funny, energetic and entertaining hypnotist.  You and your friends are the stars of the show by performing as movie stars, rock stars and in various sketches; the audience will cheer you on to stardom!

Norm Shaw will request volunteers from the audience to come up on stage.  He will induce a state of deep relaxation and by using the power of positive suggestions, transform the volunteers into stars.  In actual fact, only about 40% of the population can be hypnotized deep enough to make great volunteers. Norm Shaw will only keep the best subjects on stage, so he encourages many people to volunteer so that he will have a larger selection of volunteers for the show.

Many members of the audience contemplate volunteering but are frightened that they might do or say something that is embarrassing.  As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Norm Shaw provides family friendly and clean entertainment.  Nothing is ever done that is embarrassing and good taste is always of foremost concern.

Why not join in the fun and give it your best shot.  Who knows, you could become the star of the show.